Why Playsee?
Playsee is a social media app that brings people closer through fun short videos on the map. Built for small, medium to global businesses, Playsee is home to your potential paying customers.
Leverage Playsee Ads’ impactful video marketing tools to increase sales and grow your business.
Customers Who Are Actively DiscoveringOn Playsee, your customers are always looking for their next inspiration, experience and purchase.Grow your business' reach with an engaged audience today.
of Active UsersFind your niche with millions of potential customers actively browsing Playsee for their next favorite brands and services.
of VideosAmplify your brand messaging with user-generated content shared by Playsee users at your location.
CountriesTap into a global market with your brand and expand your reach by connecting with Playsee users around the world.
User InterestPlaysee users spend majority of their time on the app discovering new services, online businesses and products that spark their interests.
Customers Speak Louder Than Words
Build trust and a genuine following with user-generated content and video marketing. Repost your customers’ experiences to your profile and showcase what people can expect from your brand.
Use Playsee Ads to expand your reach and activate a wider audience.
From Still Life to Motion: Video Marketing Wins
Video creates immersive and impactful experiences for the user. Leverage Playsee’s video-focused mobile ads to achieve the highest impact for brand discovery and sales conversion.
Put Your Brand in Front of the Right Customers
Double up on brand exposure with our dynamic in-app advertising placements and watch your social media marketing efforts grow.
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It’s Free and Easy.
Build Your Business Profile on Playsee
Create an Official Account to share all your brand’s unique video content, engage with new customers, and gain access to tools to grow your business.
Create an Official Account
An Official Account is your brand’s first organic presence on Playsee, use it to showcase your offerings and more.
Build a Following
Share and repost compelling user-generated videos to grow your brand’s influence and following.
Engage with Potential Customers
Customize contact options so your customers can easily reach you, make a booking or inquire about your business.
Scale Your Efforts with Mobile Ads
Amplify your results with Playsee mobile advertising solutions and hit your marketing goals.
Get Closer to Your Customers TodayScale your small, medium or large business to its full potential on the leading destination for social discovery and short videos.